December 8, 2009

Rose Grey

This is what I wore today,at school and at my french lessons.I don't know why everyone is so into black and grey.I guess grey/black is the new black.Anyway,I wanted to lighten up a bit this dark outfit so I added the cross-necklace (which I bought from the flea market last weekend) and the pink bracelet.I am not a big fan of pink , but I love the pale tones.

So,I wore : Boots + Grey Socks + Leggings + Black long Top + Grey soft jumper + Grey Hat (dad's) and the JACKET. I was also extremely thrilled when I found in my mom's closet this great fake leather jacket.I've been looking for the perfect one for quite a while and everything I found weren't the ones I've been looking for..But this is soooooooo perfect.It's soft,feminine and with some studds I can make it look rock-ish ! 

I was inspired to add this pale pink in my accesories by this Bvlgari Set my mom received and it smells so ... hmm,feminine.And also bu this orchid I got as a birthday gift.Really nice colors,tought.

Last night I made Fimo bagdes.You know fimo? That clay .. You can make any shape you want,then put it in the oven for a couple of minutes and there you are.Mine are phosphorescent ! I am thinking of doing a lot of them and then sell them..

What do you think ? It's a good ideea to sell your DIY stuff or just keep it for yourself as a trademark and use it to rise your originality ?


  1. :x
    c'est minunat:*
    floarea e de la papi:>

  2. ce tari is alea de la fimo @-)
    ce cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute, e prima data cand mi-ai zis 'te iubesc' :o3
    si eu te iubesc >:D<

  3. Sell them and share you're creativity ;)
    P.S. They're so cute
    P.S.S. Love the grey jacket!

  4. Love the grey and black. The jewelry is great too.

  5. great pictures!
    i really like the second one of your profile(:

    oh, and thanks for the comment. yes, ever since the weekend, im basically back to normal life:P

  6. that outfit is really cool ! I dig it :)

  7. love love all the accessories you made !! Ohhh those shoesss I really love.

    I feel like DIY you can sell some and keep some for yourself too :)


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