December 9, 2009

You're on earth. There's no cure for that.

This is what I was planning to wear tonight,at the theatre.I really like this outfit,even tough I don't wear it so much.But I've changed my mind.I'm going to wear a confortable jumper and a blazer (favourite items) ..It's all about feeling confortable this days.The weather is not nice at all,I have test papers and exams at school and I'm really not in the mood to find a great outfit. 

Wearing : Boots + Leggings + Black Blouse + Vest + Bag + 2 Communist Badges + Watch (found  in the flea market,it's not even working but I love it.)

I really like the bag.It was love at fist sight . I found it in a box,in a SH.Actually,all the clothes I have on are from SH.And I particulary like about the bag is that it looks so used and trashy.And the way it opens is really cute.

"To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now." - Samuel Beckett

I am really :x with Beckett right now because we are preparing  All that Fall,a greaaaat play.

Adios everyone !


  1. thaaaaaanx :D :D
    love the watch !! and the bag.. and the vest.. and the whole outfit. :)

  2. I just finished a 15-page paper on Endgame, so Beckett has been very much in my mind as well. Great writer! And cute outfit! I love the vest and purse.

  3. cuute!! i especially love your bag

  4. love love your vest and also the bag you have,its all so beautiful:)
    And I liked that you added the brooches to your vest. heeee

  5. love ur vintage bag and your cute hat =)


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