December 11, 2009

Torture the artist

I'm sick.Again.

"Just wasting slowly,painlessly away,keeping up my strenght with arrowroot and calves-foot jelly,till in the and you wouldn't see me under the blankets any more than a board.Oh,no coughing or spitting or bleeding or vomiting,just drifting gently away into the higher life,and remembering,remembering..all the silly had never happend" as a line in my role says.

Well,except the coughing part.I really do cough.A lot.And I'm not in the mood to prepare my luggage because that is what I am suposed to do.No.I really just wanna sit here,and do nothing.

I guess this felling  it's not because of the sickness but because of the book I've just finished.I've just read Torture the artist by Joey Goebel and I can say for sure that it is the most genious and incredible and unexpected and sad and funny and .. perfect book I've read so far.I recomand you to read it.It will probably change a bit the way you think about art and about televison.It's that kind of book that everyone should read.And yes,I cried.

Anyway,I just wanted to tell you about this book.Now I'm reading Nina Berberova-The actors.Hopefully,I'll like it as much as Torture the artist.

Now,I'm off.I really should wake up and start doing my luggage before my parents come home from work.I wish you a great great weekend everyone.And a lot of hugs ! 

(Isn't the photo on the book incredible ? Just incredible? )


  1. hei, nice blog. btw get well soon :)
    visit my blog if you want..

  2. Hey! There's an award waiting for you at my blog. Love reading your posts!

  3. i hope you feeel better soon!!]


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