April 1, 2010

2 amazing things

I've found this beauty on this afternoon and it was.. love at the first sight,I could say. I love his style! Very...simple,confortable but in the same time exquisite and personal.
Also,the music he makes is indeed great , his voice is so calming.Check out his site :
And..don't forget about his artistic side.The drawings he made are so..I think the perfect world would be ODD.
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MUST check out his video in StyleLikeU !
My second blog is out ! It is going to be all about streetstyle and events in Cluj Napoca because I am always surprised by the way some of the people around here are dressed.It's such a great feeling to see that people not only pay attention to fashion and clothes but also are very original and stylish.I think that they have become more open-minded and that is a goos sign.
Trough this blog I would like you to see that even tought not many people know about Cluj Napoca,this town is actually an inspiring place where anyone is free to play with fashion :)
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Have a good night !


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