April 2, 2010


Rules :
1.Put your Winamp on shuffle
2.At each question , write the name of the song as answer,even togugh it doesn't match :)
Let's go !
1.How do you feel today? - Parov Stelar- Move on
2.Will be get far in life? - Amy MacDonald- Run
3.How does your friends see you ? - Joseph Arthur- Tatoo
4.Will you get married ? - Joseph Arthur- Leave us alone
5.What song defines your best friend ? - Carla Bruni - Autum
6.What is the story of your life ? - Stagga - Tha Crisis Gurge Supply
7.How life in highschool was? - Urma- How long does it takes?
8.Can you go forward in life ? - Joseph Arthur - In Ohio
9.What is the best thing about your friends? - Joseph Arthur- History
10.What are you going to do this weekend ? - Parov Stelar - Spygame
11.What song describes you ? - Joseph Arthur- Toxic Angel
12.What song describes your grandparents? - Joseph Arthur- Prison
13.How is your life going ? - Urma- The simple things
14.What song will be played at your funeral ?- La roux - In for the kill ( damn!:)) )
15.How does the other see you ? - Gabriella Cilmi - Safer
16.Will you have a happy life ? - Parov Stelar - Love (part 1)
17.Does people love you in secret? - Parov Stelar - Faith
18.How can you make yourself happy ? - Pet shop boys - Love , etc.
19.What are you supossed to do with your life ? - Devil's Broom
PS: Some of the answers are funny and some of them suits me perfectly .
PS 2 : I'd like to see your answers too,so I tag you all !


  1. I love these surveys! You can get the most interesting answers.

  2. awesome hahha so funny
    i want to do it too.
    maybe tomorrow morning ill do this

    but i have to use my zune,cuz i dont have a winamp
    have a fun weekend!

  3. freakin awesome game, gonna make this into a playlist!! feeling inspired now :)
    vicki xo

  4. This is always fun to do.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I love this survey! I have done it before, but a long time ago. You have some good answers.

  6. nu inteleg jocu asta:))
    da dragut

    1. Cheryl Cole-3 words
    2.joe mcelderry-the climb
    3.uffie-pop the glock
    4.mmm nu stiu ce piesa sa pun aici>:)da DA!
    5.Tinie Tempah-pass out b-)
    6.titiyo-come along
    7.Bowling For Soup - High School Never Ends:))
    8.Nicolae Guta-vreau sa beau cu pretenii=))))
    9.BUG mafia-prietena ta=)))))te simti?:>:))=)))glumesc:">
    10.3oh!3 ft. katty perry-starstrukk b-)
    11.uffie-pop the glock (doh:>)
    12.Digital Underground-The humpty dance
    13.AC/DC-Let's get it up
    14.Wilhelm Kempff-Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata part 1.
    15.Kesha-blah blah blah eyed peas-i'm a bee
    17.rihanna-rude boy
    18.lady gaga ft. space cowboy-starstruck
    19.kid cudi-day n'night

    pasti fericita>:D<

  7. I have an award for you at my blog!!

  8. interesting! would like to post it one day!
    anyway mind to ex link with me? winkwink*


  9. Fun game! I think I'll try it!


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