April 17, 2010


You know,I sometimes have the feeling that is too much.Everything is too much.I am overwhelemed. I am now acting,working on a blog,involved in a project with some students from Turkey who are in our town now and we have to stay with them about 6-7 hours/day,I have school,family and friends and sometimes ... sometimes it feels like I'm trying too hard to be the best in everything. I must slow down,make some order in my life and ... restart.I didn't go to Fashion week,btw,due to this feeling.. (but,don't worry,my cousin went instead and took photos and had fun). So sorry,it's too much for me . I will stop blogging for a week (after I post the photos from fashion week) and then I PROMISSE,I'll be back,energetic and happy. Hopw you'll understand me and..take care ! REMEMBER: I will be back !


  1. Sometimes it's a good idea to take a break! Then you can come back, refreshed and motivated :-)

  2. A break sounds like the right idea. Blogging should be fun so when it starts to feel like a chore it’s time to stop!

  3. hope everything will be better, dear! looking forward your next post <3


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