April 13, 2010


Hey guys ! Well,today was a worse day than yesterday.Because , while acting yesterday in the play, I overdemanded my voice.And my neck hurts so badly.Also,because I made a lot of effort there,I was all sweaty and I went out into the wind so...I really was expecting a cold. But now I'm affraid I might not be able to speak so good and that is the worst thing that could happen,considering I have a play tomorrow,then on Thursday,Friday and Saturday...All I can say now , is God and Godess of Tea and honey "HELP ME!" ---- But , on the other hand , the play turned out to be better today.The kids were so quite and lovely,my aunt,my cousing and my grandparents saw me acting and even my first teacher from 1st grade.It was all very emotional and ...simply great ! ---- My laptop is at school right now,so I'll post some insipration photos I've found on this computer! Wish you all a great day and take good care of yourselves ! Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic


  1. hey girl, hopefully you feel so much better sux to hear aobut your neck and all that. get better !!!!
    this inspiration is amazing, this girl's scarf is so pretty!

  2. Loving the light on the first photo!!!
    Hope you are better soon!


  3. Oh dear, I hope you're feeling better soon! Great pics, I want the scarf in the last pic it's amazing! Thanks for you're lovely comment :)

  4. Feel better!!
    Love the inspiration, the last picture is my favorite. :)

  5. love that last picture!!! so much inspiration.

    ps. please take a sec to check out my blog:

  6. such nice piiix ! hope u had a nice weekend :)


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