October 25, 2012



Hello dear readers ! Here we are again, with a post about Fall Essentials in collaboration with ClothingLoves. Today I am going to talk about the VEST - a truly MUST HAVE item in the cold season and not only

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You can buy this vest on  CLOTHINGLOVES HERE

The vest used to be an exclusive item  for men and boys. They were wearing it to very formal occasions or to fancy events, such as an opera concert or a ball. The vest would have given the wearer a touch of elegance when he took his blazer off. Also, there was one golden rule : the vest should always match the neck accessories (the tie or bowtie). Nowadays , this rule is no longer needed, as more and more people try and personalize their own style without any limits. 

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You can buy this vest CLOTHINGLOVES HERE

As the vest is an easy to wear and easy to maintain item, the girls have started to adopt it too. Designers quickly noticed that and they begun to create them in many colors and from various fabrics. Nowadays, the most worn types of vests are : the jeans vest, the fur vest, the leather one and also the woolen vest. I bet you all have in your closet at least one from the categories mentioned above, don't you ?

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You can buy this vest on  CLOTHINGLOVES HERE !

You can wear the vest in any style you want. If you want to be a rockstar, you can go for a leather vest or you can recreate that inocent school-girl look by wearing a woolen one. Also, it is the perfect item for night too - just add a shinny vest on top of a white T-shirt and you are ready to partyyy ! 

I hoped I convinced you how important and useful is to own any kind of vest. Also, if you liked the ones in the images, you can purchase them at such a smaaaaaaaall price from ClothingLoves ! 
See you tomorrow with an outfit post ! Love love xx

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Yours truly, Julls ♥
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