April 15, 2013

APRIL OUTFIT | Macedonia




Am fost neașteptat de aiurită încât să-mi fac bagajul pentru 8 zile cu doar 2 ore înainte de plecare. Mi-am împachetat rapid tot ce am crezut eu că e ușor de combinat și neșifonabil (există cuvântul ăsta?) și m-am rugat să nu fie prea frig sau prea cald că nu am luat vremea în calul. Oricum, se pare că am făcut o treabă destul de bună sub stres dar și dacă îmi puneam numai haine nasoale nu prea conta, pentru că după câteva zile m-am obișnuit așa tare cu lumea încât coboram și nemachiată (and I almost never do that). 
 În orice caz, ca un blogger respectabil care este, m-am gândit că nu ar trebui să ratez șansa unui outfit post mai inedit, dată fiind șansa de a avea un asemenea peisaj în spate... 
Doamnelor și domnilor, am onoarea să vă prezint incredibilul, fascinantul și nemaipomenitul OUTFIT POST de azi! (nu vă panicați, sunt doar eu comportându-mă matur)


EN: Right before leaving for Albania I bought a new suitcase just to make sure that all my clothes will fit in it. They did! - but still, packing is no easy job. I wanted to do a "how to pack smartly" post but then I realized I  have no f*cking idea how to do it. I made a list with my most versatile things and tried to combine one with another. I'm not sure if I succeeded but after a few days it didn't even matter what I was wearing or if I had any make-up on because we got so used to eachother... 

Still, an outfit post or two are a must whenever you go abroad (I mean, as a respectable blogger you must show that you can be fashionable anywhere, anytime & anyhow, right? *irony*).
 I'll leave you with this photos and some fun facts from Macedonia below xx



Macedonia is a really cool country.
 I only spent a few hours but there were so many funny things I could see.
Such as:

A "hair studio" in the center of the city with lemon trees all around. Because..why not?

RED BULL ice-cream! Too bad I only learned bad words so I couldn't even say Thank You. UPS.

The best pyjama in the country! Op-op.

TREND ALERT: green & yellow = the MUST WEAR combination of this season!

Miss International Baclava - it seems like you don't need to be in Turkey to eat this (of course, my Turkish friends found it disgusting but for us was just incredibly sweet).

RAWWWWR! Where could you wear this dress ?? You name it.

Yours truly, Julls ♥
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  1. Hey... Ce tare e chestia cu inghetata!
    Rochia nu pot s-o privesc.

  2. That Baclava looks incredible and so do you, you beautiful thing :)!!

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