August 31, 2009

Items for fall .

Well,first of all.I promisse I'll show the clothes I bought from my trips.But I decided to show you all the items for fall.I went at the mall and I bought several things.So,here we go :

1.Eye-glasses.Needed a new pair because I lost the other one :(

2.Tank tops : Strawberries,Black,Leopard print.They were all on sale,so i got them for like 1 US Dollar. 

3.Black "Armani" tank top (from my 2nd trip - i dunno how original is that armani top but it's really confortable and i love the fabric).Leopard print leggings.White Tee(sales as well).

4.Same top (sorry,my mistake).Yellow jeans for like what,7 $ ?(<33333).white>

5.Pants from EDC by Esprit.Love the little Sagittarius detail.My beloved sign ! (2nd trip for 1RON = a few cents)

6.Leather bag.First trip <333

7.Singapore Airlines tote bag.Perfect for school.Air-hostess bag. (2nd trip)

8.Leather bag.Love the traditional inspiration.My dad gave it to me in out 2nd trip.

9.BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS.Pure love from 2nd trip.For just 10 dollars !

10.Leather Boots from my first trip ! I fell so lucky i found them for 20 dollars ! Fav. item ever !

Nails.Music notes nails ! 

Last shoot.Alien ! Kisses,and thank's for reading this/if you did ! Now i'm ready to fall for fall !

August 28, 2009

Trip no.2

After coming back from my grandparent's village I spent 1 night home and then we drove to the small village called Albac,in the mountines to visit our relatives for 4 days. Everything there is just so peacefull and incredible.I run bare foot and I ate traditional food,played RUMMY all day long and stuff like this. I even get to "visit" some SH shopsh where I also found some incredible pieces : a pair of boots,some pretty underwear , a couple of bags,tops and stuff like this. But the last day there wasn't so great ... I ate something very salty (I ussualy don't eat salty) and I ended up in the hospital , after vomiting for 14 times (yeap,it was horrible) and with 4 perfusions... That was a lesson and from now on i'll be more carefull with what I eat.

Anyway,I'm fine now,I was sleeping a lot lately and here are some photos from my second trip :

My dad and my uncle playing cards all day long :

My sister :
On the road !

August 27, 2009

Trip no.1

Travelling all day long !

I'm finally home from my trips.My first trip this month was at my grandparent's village Barsana,in the beautiful Maramures region.I went there with my parents and my sister and we spent there 5 beautiful days.One day we visit the Barsana Monastery (we always visit it) , one day we visit Sighetu Marmatiei city and we went swimming everyday ! 

While I was visiting Sighet we found a Secondhand store where I found the best leather boots.They are just amazing . I also found 2 pair of leggins,I little black purse , an old man Tee with Che Guevara (DIY project coming soon) and some cute scarfs.I'll upload the photos with the clothes this days. Until then , 5 photos from Maramures :

My favourite view in the WORLD:

Cute dog we found near the road and we stopped to feed him !

We saw this poor girl with her toy near the road.She lives in that little...can I call it house? Poor little girl..

The Road : 

My parents at Barsana Monastery ! Heavenly place !

Click on the photos to see them better !

August 14, 2009


10 favourite songs right now (don't know why I feel the need to do this):

1.Kleerup ft. Lykke Li - Until We Bleed

2.Milow-Born in the Eightes

3.Snow Patrol-How to be dead

4.Black Ghost-Full Moon

5.Blood Print-Night in paradise (link: )

6.Katy Perry-Lost

7.Mika-We are golden

8.Bon Jovi-We got it going on

9.One Republic-Apologise

10.Dj AlexUnder Base & Frissco -Privacy

+ Bonus track : Black is more than a color-Narrow streets (link: )

Listen if you want.Hope you'll like them.I love them.

Punk Rock

Yesterday,a good friend gave me her ska belt,because it was broken (the second photo).So,i took off all the eyelets (i think that's the word for those little metal pieces) and put them back in a slimer belt :> and I love the result (first picture)

And I'll use the other eyelets for a future DIY project ! Stay tuned !

DIY T-shirt and a basket of goodies

DIY Tee after the Kat Von D video.Just,love it.For my best friend.

After we made this tee and a few others we went "shopping" at a secondhand near my house where it was 50-80% sales :)) Sales at secondhands? Can you make it better?And I found this lovely clothes as a super loooooooooow price:

This jacket is from Atmosphere and it was 1.6 RON (our money) and that means less then a dollar :))

This .. thing :)) is sooo confortable and it seems to scream for a hug.Love it.Perfect for fall.Also,less than a dollar.

This is my favourite piece.Topshop skirt.TOPSHOP? In Romania? FOR 1 RON? (~ 1/3 of one dollar) !!! 

That's why I LOVE second-hands ! 

August 12, 2009

Outfit no.1.

First outfit post . This is what I wore today,just hanging with one of my best friends and DIY-ing some T-shirts.As well,the white tee is made by me,last night .

My sister bought me this confortable shoes from a secondhand .Lovely !

Laptop's screen ! Dr. House is love !

August 11, 2009

I <3 CRAP !

In my photo folder I have another folder called "Inspiration", where I put all the photographs that inspire me.So,while searching trought this folder I found this : 

and I always wanted to have a bag like this.SO,i started :

First,I started cutting the letters and then sewing them.

And the heart ,too :

Diffrent heart shapes.I chose the second one : 

Easy to make and sooooooo cute ! DIY ! 

August 10, 2009

Kat Von D's OFFICIAL T-Shirt Cutting Class

A few days ago I accidentaly see Kat Von D's OFFICIAL T-Shirt Cutting Class on Youtube and I was sooooo damn bored that I started doing this :

Party Rock Dj tee :>

Paris Tee :> 

Kat Von D's OFFICIAL T-Shirt Cutting Class : 

You can add or modify anything you like , as I do, because you don't have to copy the exact model.It's just a nice way to wear the t-shirts that you don't usually wear . And it's more feminine this way,I guess. So,start sniping !

August 8, 2009


Yesterday,I went shopping with my best friend.We had to buy a present for another friend and we boutgt 7 bracelets like those [pictues] and I was thinking I should have bracelets like those too.So I bought 3 of them.Love the noise they make when they are on your hand ! 

August 6, 2009

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