August 31, 2012

ARTICLE | The Wedge by Very

Hello dear readers ! A while ago, this wonderful site contacted me and showed me this really great article. I found it really useful and well-written and I had to share it with you. I will translate it in Romanian soon but I am away in another short get-away so I will take time and do it when I get home. Until then, I welcome you all to read the English version below !


A Summer Shoe Saviour: The Wedge

To wedge or not to wedge? That’s the real question this summer. If you simply can’t choose between a classic heel and a towering platform for a special occasion, you’ll be pleased to hear that the wedge trend comes with some handy benefits.

The earliest wedge sandals, worn throughout the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries, was nowhere near as comfortable as today’s varieties. Venetian men tended to force their wives to wear heavy wooden shoes to prevent them from running off with a handsome gondolier. Luckily for the fashion world, one Italian designer decided to reinvent the wedge heel for the modern independent woman. Salvatore Ferragamo carved out a name for himself with a fabulous collection of striking wedged footwear and quickly became a shoe maker to the Hollywood stars in the 1950s. Today’s wedge heels balance your entire weight over a lightweight platform, helping you to keep on your toes without the ankle and back strain that can develop after hours of dancing in stiletto heels.

Let’s face it, the British summer doesn’t look set to arrive anytime yet. Whilst your favourite heels will make you a stuck in the mud at a garden party, a trusty wedge will keep you on firmer ground. Wedge shoes at are a handy way to subtly add height to a casual look and are a great for days when a stiletto would look over the top. Try pairing a wedged espadrille with some denim shorts for a cute and stylish look that will take you straight from the park to a night on the town.

A good pair of shoes is an essential fashion investment and you need to be confident that they’ll last the season. Heels push our weight to the toes, which can quickly lead to scuff marks and scratches when we take a step wrong. In contrast, wedges wear gradually over the entire sole and are often finished in an outer material such as cork or wood, which provides better protection for the whole shoe.

But the big question is – how do wedge heels make you look? The days of unattractive clunky clogs are well behind us and the modern wedge heel creates the illusion of longer legs and thinner ankles, whilst supporting the arch of the foot. So why not be bold this season and swap your favourite heels and summer frock combo for nude peep toe wedges and a bright neon mini-dress?

P.S.: Let me know in the comment section your opinion about it and if you would like to see more of these articles here on the blog. Kisses xx

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August 30, 2012

AUGUST OUTFIT | The Sisters Sisters


Hello again dear dear readers ! After my loooong absence this summer I am back full of enthusiam and new ideas and projects ! I've been away almost all summer, traveling and spending time with my family and I felt it was a well-deserved holiday after all the stress I endured during my exam period. I spent almost every single day of this summer with my sister and this was a really bonding experience :) These photos were taken in  Câmpeni, Alba, after a long session of thrifting. Do you like our matching outfits ?

Bunăăăăăăă dimineaţa ! De acum să ştiţi că voi scrie şi în română, e o parte a update-ului pe care l-am făcut cu blogul (veţi vedea mai multe pe la finalul săpămânii viitoare). Vara asta nu am prea postat pentru că am fost mult timp plecată şi nu aveam mereu acces la internet + aparatul meu e încă stricat... Dar am zis că trebuie totuşi să încep să redevin activă şi aici, chiar dacă mai am 1 luna de vacanţă (introduceţi: râs malefic). Vara asta chiar am stat muuult de tot cu sora mea şi nu ne-a prins chiar rău. Pozele ăstea sunt făcute după ce am mers la o expediţie amplă prin second-urile din Câmpeni. Vă plac ţinutele noastre lejere de vară care şi seamnănă puţin ?


PS: Marmota e noul prieten cel mai bun a lui Toto! 

Yours truly, Julls ♥