November 30, 2009

Happy birthday,lovely myself !

Yes,today is my birthday.Thank you everyone for the wishes ! It was such a lovely,sunny day,spent with my sister and my best friend,watching 2012 (Damn!) ,learning franch and walking around.Now I'm waiting for the color to get into my hair .. redhead again,yup yup.

And this was the outfit for today.

New Yorker hat + Marc Aurel blazer + New Yorker purple top + leggings + boots +DIY gloves.

Yesterday,I felt really creative so I search to te blogosphera and  diy-ed this gloves and the blouse.Actually I cut out other 2 t-shirts,because I reaaally love the way it looks.

And I let you with this song from 100 Monkeys.The band where Jackson Rathbone (yesss,that sexy super hot damn Jackson Rathbone).I've been listening to it allllll day long ! 

Adios !:* 

November 29, 2009


So,today I hold a brunch with my family for my 16 years aniversary.My grandparents and my aunt/uncle came by.They brought my cousines too.Filip is 3 and Simina is 1 year old.They are sooooo cute.And also,my other cousin,my mother's sister son who is a student here joined us.We had so much fun.I laugh a lot with my crazy grandparents and after playing with my cousins we watch Peter Pan.It was a really nice sunday !

I wore my floral dress and my fake Docs.

The table,before and after :D

The food was delicioooooooooous !

Simina and Filip,playing around :D 

My granny,Eva.Dad's mother : 

Trying to kiss Simina.Look at her cuuuute face !

I finally could but she doesn't seem so happy :))

Here we are : watching Peter Pan and chilling.

It was such a lovely day.And this is my gift for my aunt.I looooooove the blazer.Loveloveloveloveit. She also gave me some money to buy what ever I want.My grandparent's gave me money and a paiting by my grandpa.He is alywas bringing me paintings !:))

So,tomorrow is my acctualy day,but I'll hang out with my friends only the day after tomorrow.Tomorrow I have my franch lessons and my drawing lessons and I'm going to buy a leather jacket from the money I've received.

Enjoy your Sunday,everyone ! 

November 28, 2009

Strawberries,cherries and an angel's kiss in spring

Hey there ! This is what I wore today for an english test.

Long B&W plaid dress +Black Top + Leggings + Boots + Hat + I <3>

Love to wear rings over the cropped gloves + cobalt blue nailpolish ^^

And here they are : THE BOOTS !

i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them i love them 

And now,I'm going to watch NEW MOON.Yes,can't wait.And I have prepared a nice outfit for tonight :D Have a lovely Saturday ! 

November 27, 2009

goodies and diy

I decided to show you my new goodies and my diy projects of this week.

I was a lucky girl to find this 2 hats.I really wanted a hat like this,especially on black because I was always borrowing dad's brown hat.I needed a girlish one so I was soo happy when I saw this in the window of a SH.And it only was like..2 $.Then,the next day I say the grey on in the exact same shop ! And it was cheeper than the first one..God ! Near that SH I've found the BEST Doc Martens fake boots.I've been looking for them for quite a while and now I've finally found them..and for 10$.I'm going to pick them up tommorow because I had no money in my pocket when I found them.

Yesterday morning my mother surprised me with this confortable jumper.It is really cosy and I like the neck.

Last weekend while I was searching for the perfect present for Nana,I stopped at Meli Melo,an accesories store.They were having sales so I bought this huge bling-bling for only 3 $.Yes,I was extremely lucky !I don't know yet how to wear it,but I'll figure that out.

And yes,my blazer addiction.I'm not over them,yet.I found in the 1 RON box (thats like 1/3 $..) and I love it mostly because it doesn't have a neck..or I don't know how that thing is called.But as you can see it's really simple and nice.

And now,the DIY.

Today,as I was cleaning out my closet..I've found this pijama dress.I've never liked it.So I decided to make a T-shirt out of it.Cut cut cut and..done ! But what should I do with the rest of the fabric? And then,it hit me ! A shawl. I just made sume fringes and ... again,done ! My mom finds it really adorable and she said she is proud of me for having such nice ideas...hmm,ok. 

Close up.

And of course,studded hat.Simple and chic.I like it better now ! 

So,this is all I've done/found this week.I'll make a post about the Doc Martens as soon as I get them.Excited? YES ! 

Well,I'm going back to Gossip Girl (now I have time to chatch up with it) ! A lovely weekend everyone ! 

November 25, 2009

where does the good goes ? here !

Outfit for today.Fake ugg boots + black jeans + bershka bag + terranova grey blouse + marc aurel blazer + leopard scarf from SH + diy studded hat + teacher's watch + diy wooden bracelet.

This was a day full of good stuff.

  • Tomorrow + Friday = No SCHOOL ! And we also have monday off and tuesday (because is the national day).
  • The drama exchange with Turkie is on ! Can't wait for April to come !
  • I've bought a new man hat.I was looking for a black one and now I finally found it in a SH.

So,everything is fine ! 

November 24, 2009

join the club

I hate Tuesdays.The classes are hard and some of them are booooring.But fortunatelly I had a small "photosesion" with Anna.Ana it's one of my best friends and my classmate.Today,she decided to start a fashion blog ! Go go go Anna.Her blog is : . I am happy when some romanian guy/girl decides to start a f-blog because round here people aren't that concerned about fashion and I actually don't know any fashion blogger from Romania besides me and Nana..That's odd.

Anyway,this is what I wore today:

Brown jeans from Stradivarius + boots + Vero Moda black cardigan + Caliope blouse (from my mom) +DIY wooden necklace + Dad's hat + cut out glove + Skunkfunk bag.

 Good Anna.Bad me.

Lovely kiss ! 

Long live the self-timer !

Some close-ups :

I am going to re-dye my hair red.Love it that way !

So,this was my Tuesday at school.Now I have lots of homework and painting classes with my grandpa ! 

And one last thing.I've just checked and I have 1000 views,100 post and 20 followers.Thank's a lot everybody.Love you !