September 30, 2009

School outfit.

So,this is what I wore today for school.Finally,the weather is just as I wanted.A bit cold,but sometimes sunny,with the wind playing with my hair and clothes,cloudy but not rainy ... Perfect ! I hope I'll have many days like this one.Today,after classes I had rehearshals at drama.And I found out that we are doing a project with a school from Turkey and we'll go there in Octomber next year and we'll stay 2 weeks ! OMG. And in April 2010,ten students from turkey will come in our school and they'll sleep in our houses.How cool is that ? Can't wait !

So,I wore : Vero Moda leggings + Second hand leather + studs boots + New Yorker Top + VETO grey cardigan + Sheep Necklace 1 + Sheep Necklace 2 (from Nana) + New Yorker Hat + Converse school bag + "I wanna be a rockstar" from Berska , 2 metal bracelets from Orsay + DIY studs bracelet.

&& I also found some Second hand goodies .I'll show you tommorow ! Now,back to homeworks ! 

September 29, 2009


Yeah,dunno why lately I'm really into painting.Any talent ? No. And I don't really understand why I don't have it,because my father and my grandparent are both painters.Hmm,I think I need some lessons from them,before I touch the pencil again.

SO,last night I tried to draw after this picture I took some time ago which I took this June.Love the photo,but I find this drawing a bit..odd :))

What do you think ? I mean,doesn't really matter because I already spoke to my grandpa to teach me how to draw.Wish me luck !

Award ^^

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Aww,FIKA from  Sweet escape ( )  gave me this a award.So cute,thank you Fika.It means a lot,especially because here in Romania,there are not so many fashion-blogs and I was inspired to start this blog after 1 year of daily reading other blogs.So,I didn't know if I am good at this,or what should I do to make my blog unique,you know..stuff like this.And this first award means a lot !

So,the rules are : 

The award has some rules, they are: 1. We're not allowed to change the banner of the award, the word, the color, and the signature. But, we can resized it. 2. Tell who gave you  the award.Long live FIKA !

3. Choose 10 female blogger who doensn't received the award yet. and tell the reason why they deserved it. Because I have this blog since July,I don't know if I can pass the award to 10 bloggers,but I'll try.

So,here they are : - she is my best friend and she really deserve the award.  - love this girl,it's my muse ! - love her DIY ideeas. - cute cute cute ! - PURE LOVE ! - LOVE part 2 ! - love her style ! - she's great !  - photos with style - indonesian sweetheart 

So,here they are.Also,anyone who like my blog and wants the award,you can have it ! 

Thnx again a lot,and hugs hugs hugs !

September 28, 2009

i am the godfather

Monday,again ! Here is what I wore for school : leggings + dad's oversized t-shirt + shoes from my sister (SH) + TNT jacket + "Singapore airlines" bag (SH) . I was dying of heat all day long,GOD,can't wait for the cold to hit the city. And I wasn't feeling good either (well,what could I expect after 1 weekend of partying? ) So , now the teachers are giving us homeworks,and I am sooo not intro homeworks this days.And I also need to read and to learn for the Cambridge exmas and oh..and school it's on since 15 september but it seems much longer. 

When I woke up,this was my view !  Lovely,right ?

And,besides this,I am falling in love with a song by MIKA . Falling in love with I'M FALLING.

Check it out.Damn,this song is perfect ! 

Have a nice week everyone ! 

September 27, 2009

Blood Print realoded

Blood print concert , part 2. But I arrived only at their last song Dreams and Hopes (but I still took some pictures) . I was wearing : Leggings + Jack Daniels Tee + Converse + Athmosphere Jacket ! 

Outfit pictures : 

With Tania.

Ionut : 

Vlad : 

Vlad & Mihai :

Shoot while waiting for the bus. This picture is on my deviant art account too ! 

And even though I coudn't arrive in time for this song,Tania made a video and here it is :

September 26, 2009


Blood Print Concert.It was AWESOME,as always ! Front row + the best music + friends + drinks = LOVE ! Tommorow,they'll have another concert ! Can't wait for it !

I coudn't take a photo of the outfit but I still have this 2 shoots :I wore : Latex Leggings from  Urban  Outfitters (SH) + New Yorker Top + Converse + DIY belt + Mouse earrings + Black Bag.

My hand in the air ! Rocking ! 

Vlad (bass) and Ionut (guitar)! 

Vlad .

Mihai singing . Awesome voice !
Taking picture !
Love them ! And here is a video from last night where you can acctualy hear my voice somewhere at 1:26 minute when Mihai gave us the microfon and at 2:32 when I said "te plimbi agale" .I'm not proud of my voice and  my hand is going crazy :)) 

September 25, 2009

Grey sky ?..

..neeeh,but i'm praying for one ! This is what I wore today at school : grey top + grey cardigan (VETO) + Sheep necklace (really overused:">) + Bershka Bag + New Yorker Jeans + DIY flat shoes.Yeah,I'm wearing this flats as much as I can,because I sooo damn love them. My dad is in Hungary for this weekend (love that country) and he took the camera with him and before my sister (a.k.a. my photographer) took this photos I wasn't hoping they'll end up nice and with a good quality,but for my surprize they look good.But still sorry for the background,I can't acctualy find a place for shooting..

AAAAAHH ! CONCERT tonight ! Can't wait.Blood print ( Band for rent ( ) = LOVE ? This 2 band are local bands but with gorgeous songs ! Check them out ! 

I'll take photos at the concert + the outfit ( clue : latex leggings) !

And it's finally weekend ! Enjoy it people ! 

September 24, 2009

Oh boy

Another DIY project (i'll always love DIY stuff).So,I found on a blog this wonderful ideea of this cloth bag : I really (don't) need a Chanel bag ! So,last night I started writing this and wore it at school . It went along with : Shirt - Second hand ,Black Top - New Yorker, Brown shoes,Cross Necklace and Leggings. Confortable and a bit trashy ! 

This is the blogger who inspired me : Weronica,from . Beside the fact she has such a wonderfull style and blog,she also have original DIY ideeas.This is the photo who make me to my own bag ! Thank you Weronica !

ACID collection

Remember my obsession with acid clothes ? So,starting with that dress I made some other clothes.

For example,this scarf (the inspiration came from : , who has such a cute blog and soo many DIY ideeas).SO,after seeing the scarf on the blog I decided to make one for my self (but I used only one t-shirt so It's shorter).Then I spray acid all over it and this is the result : 

Next,I used this blouse I never wore before and I did the same thing.I love the result,and I can't wait to wear it ! WARNING ! Acid can make some damage to the cloth so you may see some smaaaal and tiny holes,but you can sew them,so no problem. 

And,in the end the first dress I made.Love it.I also have an obsession for studs and I apply them everywhere (shoes,belts) so I put some around the waist here and you'll see the final result tommorow because I'll take this sexy to a concert ! 

September 23, 2009

Dress and DIY

Today,after school I went with 2 girl friends to take a look at the club where we will organize the prom this year (10th graders have to organize a prom for the 9th graders) and we found the best club ever !  After that,I went to my teacher for Cambridge exam and start studying (I wanna take my Advanced Cambridge exam next year) and then I went to visit my grandparents,where I took some photos of my outfits (in my grandparent's workshop - he is a painter and then in their garden) :

Wearing : H&M dress (second-hand) , leggings, Vero Moda cardigan + DIY shoes.

I was inspired by The Clothes Horse style (check her incredible blog here : ) 

DIY shoes.I alwyas wanted shoes from Bona Drag,and I thought that if I can't have them,why not DIY them ? So,here they are .I bought the shoes from the flea market for like 2 Euros and they apllied the studs. Lovely,right ?

+some self portraits in the garden.