September 28, 2009

i am the godfather

Monday,again ! Here is what I wore for school : leggings + dad's oversized t-shirt + shoes from my sister (SH) + TNT jacket + "Singapore airlines" bag (SH) . I was dying of heat all day long,GOD,can't wait for the cold to hit the city. And I wasn't feeling good either (well,what could I expect after 1 weekend of partying? ) So , now the teachers are giving us homeworks,and I am sooo not intro homeworks this days.And I also need to read and to learn for the Cambridge exmas and oh..and school it's on since 15 september but it seems much longer. 

When I woke up,this was my view !  Lovely,right ?

And,besides this,I am falling in love with a song by MIKA . Falling in love with I'M FALLING.

Check it out.Damn,this song is perfect ! 

Have a nice week everyone ! 


  1. oh:x
    ce zi
    interesanta o fost azi:))
    io intrat pe cala
    sio i so scurs galbeneala=))))
    mai sti?

    :*:*love love love you:*

  2. heii are you?
    waaa..I miss some of your post..kind a busy these day :(

    anw, you got an award for me..check it on my blog
    hope you not received it yet..hehe

  3. The sunset looks great! Love that shirt :)

  4. that's a super cute outfit for school! i love mika. everything he comes out with is so damn groovy! cute blog.

  5. Yeahh,almost same outfit we have ! heeeee

    And I love the tee you're wearing,who's that person on it ?? And those sneakers are way cool !

    That song by Mika is one I like too<3

  6. the tee is whit that actor who played in The Godfather.Youtube it.Nice movie !


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