October 29, 2009

Wait Set GO

(Jack Daniels T-shirt,New Yorker black jeans,Marc Aurel Blazer,Sneakers)



(first song on our play's soundtrack)

October 28, 2009

Judith Castle

Playing at Drama festival in my city.

Anna and Adi.

My life these days was all about the play.We had rehearsals every hour and the play is getting better and better. 

Judith Castle by David Mitchell is a novel about this : Judith finds out her lover is dead and ponders what their life together would have been like.It's absurd but funny and great ! I love playing it. I share the main character with my class-mate and friend Anna so the play is very interesting.And we are only 3 students and we have to play 8 characters. But it is great !

We have also some very interesting background.Big panels with drawing on them..

So,sorry for the so not-intesting post but I don't really have time..

HUGS everyone ! 

October 27, 2009

Cosy in the rocket

Rainy day.Rainy days make ma wanna fell cosy.So I wore my mother's confortable jumper.

This day was very ok.We had art class (where I drew the last 2 drawings and got a 10 ).Then I had rehearshals and then I went to a second hand where I bought I cardigan ^^. 

At 18:00 I went at my grandpa (he is a painter) and we met once a week for art lessons and I drew this one : 

I'm very busy now,with the play (tell you more about this tommorow,hopefully) and school and other milion stuffs.


Hope you'll like my work ! 

October 26, 2009


Obsessed with the song :

Yesterday I went with Anna at the theatre (can't stay away,you know) and we saw Psihoza 4:48 by Sarah Kane.I was amazed , for real ! This play changed my opinion about my  future.Now I am sure I wanna be an actress and I will do EVERYTHING I can to become one. So,more infos about the play you cand find on . There you have the trailer,wallpapers and other infos. Belive me,it's worthed ! 
And,some photos of what I wore :
Marc Aurel Blazer (SH)
New Yorker hat
Only dress
Vero Moda leggings
Boots :x (SH-but last time I wore them , they really hurt my foot) 
Bag from my daddy 
+ Teachers Wiskey man's watch 

And,THIS WEEKEND we are going with our play JUDITH CASTLE  , at a festival in another town.The play is great and we really improved it.I hope I can show you the video.
Have a nice week everyone ! 
And here is the trailer from the play :

October 25, 2009

Room Tour

Today,after having breakfast ( hot milk with cocoa + apple cookies) , I took some photos of my room (as I promissed !) :

My room ! (CLICK on the photos to see them bigger)

Boots.Above them I'll put a big mirror on Monday ! 

My Bed ! Gosh,my favourite spot ! 

Bear carpet ! So soft and perfect in the morning when I wake up..

Necklaces + Photos ^^ 

Bracelets. 1st - wooden bracelets.2nd-metal & black,3rd - colourful bracelets and hair clips in the middle :D 

My night tabel : SuperGirl statement + a pinguin with a beer glass + a book and a fashion magazine .

Memories from my childhood ! 

2 rabbits found in a second hand protecting my books.

Customize bag.Paramore-Decode (: 

My desk.All the furniture was customized.

Crayons.Many,many,many crayons ! 

Heart <3>

When I was little I was obsessed with Pokemon.So,2 pokemons and more hair clips in the middle.

I was obsessed with WITCH too.I was Hay Lin.And when my aunt went in the honeymoon in Paris I asked her to bring me a Witch doll.And I still have it and love it.

Cutest box.I keep inside all my accesories for camera and mp3 player.

More crayons in the London bus ! 

Old CD-s . They form a face if you can notice..

Snitzel Stefan .That is his name. Gift for my 15th birthday from all of my best friends !

3 big woredrobes.Still not enough because I share them with my sister.

Belts and other accesories.Need to clean them up and put them in an order..

And this is my 13th sister's side of room.More simple than mide but symetric.

So this is my room tour,hope you'll like it because I feel confortable in it.Even though it is not my dream room,it's close to it.

Enjoy your Sunday ! 

October 24, 2009

My place to dream : Art Museum

Yesterday I went to the Art Museum in my city.I haven't been there in a while and I quite missed it.And , after visiting the national galerry and random paitings I really wanted to see Dan Perjovschi's exhibition.Dan Perjovschi is a Romanian visual artist well known for his drawings.Dan Perjovschi was born in 1961 Sibiu, Romania (again,Sibiu is the best,argh).

He is a visual artist mixing drawing, cartoon and graffiti in artistic pieces drawn directly on the walls of the museums and contemporary spaces all over the world. His drawings comment on current political, social or cultural issues. He has played an active role in the development of the civil society in Romania, through his editorial activity with Revista 22 cultural magazine in Bucharest, and has stimulated exchange between the Romanian and International contemporary artistic scenes.

He had exhibitions in New York, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain … He is currently living and working in Bucharest, Romania.

And acctualy,HE IS A GENIUS ! I love his art.He know how to make fun of serious problems and he is so right in what he sais.Hope you enjoy his work as much as I do & this is my second place to dream : an art gallery with Dan Perjovschi's drawings.