September 24, 2009

ACID collection

Remember my obsession with acid clothes ? So,starting with that dress I made some other clothes.

For example,this scarf (the inspiration came from : , who has such a cute blog and soo many DIY ideeas).SO,after seeing the scarf on the blog I decided to make one for my self (but I used only one t-shirt so It's shorter).Then I spray acid all over it and this is the result : 

Next,I used this blouse I never wore before and I did the same thing.I love the result,and I can't wait to wear it ! WARNING ! Acid can make some damage to the cloth so you may see some smaaaal and tiny holes,but you can sew them,so no problem. 

And,in the end the first dress I made.Love it.I also have an obsession for studs and I apply them everywhere (shoes,belts) so I put some around the waist here and you'll see the final result tommorow because I'll take this sexy to a concert ! 


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