September 29, 2009


Yeah,dunno why lately I'm really into painting.Any talent ? No. And I don't really understand why I don't have it,because my father and my grandparent are both painters.Hmm,I think I need some lessons from them,before I touch the pencil again.

SO,last night I tried to draw after this picture I took some time ago which I took this June.Love the photo,but I find this drawing a bit..odd :))

What do you think ? I mean,doesn't really matter because I already spoke to my grandpa to teach me how to draw.Wish me luck !


  1. aww=))))))))))
    deci spun in romana
    sa nu inteleaga restu=))
    dtaguta poza
    buzele sunt....
    de peste.
    iar daca nu te-ai uita dupa model ti-as cumparao:))si as pune-o asa intr-o expozitie in camera de zi.expozitie de arta alb negru
    asa cu inca 10 picturi langa ea:x
    ce tare
    nu s-ar vedea intre ele=)))


  2. it's great, love the first pic, dark but fabulous

  3. So evocative! I love the dark, thoughtful feeling they lend :)

  4. Drawing is not that difficult - there are only a few technical rules that anyone can master in a while. Talent is a completely another thing though.

  5. Why don't like the drawing? I love it! It's a very unique style. I love drawing but I get really discouraged if the picture doesn't look perfect.
    Really, this is a great picture.

    ps- Thanks for the award ;D, and I love how your fringe scarf turned out!


  6. thnak you everyone !
    -eva : yea,i know.i wish i can improve my techique soon.
    -kyley : just like me.i am discouraged if the picture doesn't look perfect too,that's why i keep practicing and practicing,having a lot of patient.

    Hugs !


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