November 25, 2009

where does the good goes ? here !

Outfit for today.Fake ugg boots + black jeans + bershka bag + terranova grey blouse + marc aurel blazer + leopard scarf from SH + diy studded hat + teacher's watch + diy wooden bracelet.

This was a day full of good stuff.

  • Tomorrow + Friday = No SCHOOL ! And we also have monday off and tuesday (because is the national day).
  • The drama exchange with Turkie is on ! Can't wait for April to come !
  • I've bought a new man hat.I was looking for a black one and now I finally found it in a SH.

So,everything is fine ! 


  1. not a fan of uggs, but i love everything else!! especially the watch

  2. Adore that leopard print scarf and also your bag !! Its really gorgeous,where did you get it from ?
    I need one toooo ahahaha

    Woohooo for holidays and breaks! I'm having a short week too,I have a long weekend starting tomorrow<3

  3. love the watch!! what do you have thursday and friday off for?
    i have them off for thanksgiving(:

  4. you changed your blog layout againg! but i like this one, it's real cute. haha

  5. ooooh.. you are super talented with your DIY hat.. I tried putting studs on something but it hurt my fingers... you have an easier was of doing it?


  6. we are having major financial crisis' here too! but i dont think our government would give us school off, cause i think our teachers are still getting paid. its other people that are getting hit hard with it.

    yes, thanksgiving is a pilgrims coming to america and being thankful thing(: and i will be sure to think of you as i eat our feast:D

  7. aw thank u !! ^^
    Yey, awesome with loong weekend ! I'm off too.. Supernice ;D
    have a great weekend, and loove that bag !


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