October 4, 2009

Apuseni 1

Even though the internet on my laptop is still not working,I tranfered some data to my older computer.And now I'm able to show you the first part of my trip.Apuseni is a very gorgeous zone in Romania.Moutines,rivers and trees,what can you want more ? So,I will let the photos to speak for themselves :
The road.
Man working at the new highway .
Cloudy day.
Autum is the most beautiful season.Falling in love with the colors.
Last photo of the road.This hill is telling me that we'll arive soon.
The road near my father's step-aunt&uncle's house.
The house.We always stay at their place.So quiet,so beautiful,so..natural!
My father step uncle.But I always called him my uncle.He's also one of the funniest persons I've ever met.I love him !
Yes,we have electricity.Lucky us,huh ? :))
The surroundings once again.
Uncle's birds. Turkey hens.
I love the way my skin looks in the morning,when I first step outside.It looks so healthy and pure and I don't even wear any makeup.This place is so good to me .
Trees.Up to the sky.
Dad,Corina (dad's cousin),aunt Ana and Mom.All gathered in the kitchen for breakfast.The breakfast here are the best.You eat healthy and fresh food from the garden and you drink fresh milk.
Corina.She's 32 but she is such ...i don't know.. such a teenager.We always laugh a lot with her.I love her soooooo much !
Dad drinking Coke.Ok,here we can eat heatly food AND Coke :)) .
Packing for Campeni.Corina's car and our car.Right beside that fance is a small river called Arada.Sothe area is like this : river - house - road - mountine. Perfection !
So,hopefully the photos with my outfit and the new clothes will be here tommorow ! --- Please,take me back to Apuseni !


  1. it seems like you did a lot of trip..I envy you soo much!! ;p..and the house looks great and comfy..

    anw, the pic of you is so pretty julls :)

  2. thanks for the support.
    looks like you had fun!!!! some lovely photos too

  3. Thanks for your comment. I love your pictures, too! It´s hard work to translate all my words in english language cause it´s sometimes very poetic and difficult. But I work on it.
    Regards. xoxo

  4. Sounds like a fun trip! Cool pics and houndstooth jacket.

  5. look peacefull! :)
    thx vo the comment also! mind if i linking you?

  6. da!
    turkeys and

    je t'aime
    had fun?:)):>

  7. thank u swweetie !! Yes I did have a great time hihi !! :)
    Oh my lovely pictures !! i can see why u wanna go back!


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