June 23, 2010

I`m tired of rain

I`ve cut my hair .And tomorrow I will be a dark redhead. Change is good. Image and video hosting by TinyPic + a super super super cute song :) I`ll be back tomorrow.Until then,do you have some tips to get out from this ultra boring state ? I tried : cleaning the house, reading and cutting my hair. Please ?! (biggest puppy eyes ever)


  1. Lol the second pic of full body looks like you have a twisted body xD. Change is always good, and the new hair cut fits yo good! I want to cut it like that some day, but step by a step. I liked your top! Give me rain, i want some rain :( it's so hot in here!

  2. and that song is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  3. hmm sorry i dont have any suggestion.. im so bad at those things myself ! haha...
    but dude, looove your hair ! its so cool.
    and the song is awesome !

  4. wait so how did you cut it?i wanna see i mean looks amazing now but i would love to see the back
    more outfit post with new hair=)


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