July 17, 2010

In case you are interested..

1. Did you ever had a secret crush on a tv actor/movie star?
Oh yes,they were so many,but my ultimate favourite is Johnny Depp.That man is perfect.
2. Is there a TV serie you never miss a episode from?
Gossip Girl ,Grey's Anatomy and now I am catching up with House M.D.
3. If you had to choose: A (love)relationship or two good girlfriends? (not both!;))
A true friendship lasts longer than a love relationship so, 4 good girlfriends !
4. Do you have an addiction, something you can never resist? (like chocolate or shoes…)
Chocolate, ice-cream , second hand shopping and watermelon.
5. Do you have a dream you try to chase in your life?
I would love to become an actress and a designer because I am interested in both, yet I don`t know which one I will choose. Hope I have a good kharma.
6. Describe your ideal day. What would you do?
Wake up with the sun in my face, listen to some good music, go second-hand shopping and find some really good items,meet up with friends,have a chill afternoon and then go to a Placebo or Mika or even Patrice concert.And wake up the next day in Paris.IS is too ideal ?
7. It’s Saturday night. You are: chilling on the sofa, watching television/movies and enjoying snacks OR going out to a hot club with your girlfriends, dancing like you had only one day to live?
Both >:)
8. Which colour do you wear the most and is that colour telling something about your personality?
I've been into black and brown a lot lately , but now I am more attracted to patterns.I think black is the best color ever , but I can wear anything .I am still 16 , I am at the age where you discover yourself - you try new things so ask me this again in 10 years and I will have a proper answer:).
Tomorrow I`ll come home again ..

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  1. very cute answers :)
    great blog
    loving the posts
    stop by some time!


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