November 11, 2011


... the lovely designers from MAGAZINE BAG ! Some time ago, while browsing on I read an interview with the two girls behind Magazine Bag concept and I felt in love with their creations :)
So here you have a special interview just for you, my dear readers ! 
Hope you like it and any kind of feedback is more than welcome in the comment section below ! 

Why Magazine Bag?
Magazine Bag because we felt a strong need for something new and modern, for novelty, and because we were sick of all that identical products from the stores; indeed, one of them can represent core-pieces but on the other hand they are a real danger for our budget savings. Plus, when we realised that we have a few free time that can be valued in some ways, we started searching for something, and we found this very pleasant activity. We realised that we have all the suport we need from our friends and than we thought that it’s not such a bad idea to let ourselves inspired by them in manufacturing this nice purses made of magazine paper.

Who is involved in the manufacture of the purses?
The participants are to girls with a bit of imagination and a third one who is the paper provider :) But until we become a factory with dozens of little chinese girls helping us knit the paper , we have a looot of work to be done ! However, we have big plans !


What does the process of creating the bags consist of ? 
It’ s not quite simple…first of all we have to decide the bag’s design with the person who requested the purse. Once we found the colour and the shape we sort the material, then cut it (here we use a stencil that we initially created),  then comes the bending part, the knitting and the sewing stage. Finally we apply the accessories (the zipper, the staples etc.) and on demand we can apply a lacquer layer to increase the resistance. Now the purse can be worn on a daily basis  or in the evening, assorted or in contrast with the rest of the outfit, what’s important is that it must  impress, surprise and arouse admiration. The shortest time needed for making a purse is two days and the longest, a week - according to it’s complexity (not to mention  that we also have a full-time job responsibility) .
For what type of woman do you create ?
We didn’t think about the demographic profile of our clients J, we can say that Poseta dinRevista Eco addresses to every woman concerned about beauty and novelty, interested in recycling and always looking for new items for her wardrobe.

Do you think that nowadays, women need more durable  products or unique ones ? 
Unique products can be sustainable at the same time, it’s not mandatory to make such a distinction, nowadays I think that women want products that can easily bring a smile on their faces and can make them feel pretty.

Where can we find you ?
Girls - or boys who want to surprise their girlfriends - can find us in Cluj-Napoca, they can write to us, search for us on Facebook ( Poseta dinRevista Eco)  or they can see a part of the products by visiting out Breslo  !

Special thanks to for letting me use the photos & of course, to the girls who were kind & patient enough to answer this interview :) Did you like it ? 

 Yours truly, Julls ♥


  1. I love the handmade bags! The color palettes are really pretty and I love that they're made from recycled materials :) Thank you for a very interesting read!

  2. Thank you Julie for welcoming us in this wonderful place named "La Jolie Julie" :) We are thrilled of this colaboration <3

  3. They make wonderful things! I really adore them, their designs are unique! :D

  4. such a great interview and it's such interesting products

    style frontier

  5. I am glad you like their creations and you are thrilled about the interview :x

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  9. the designs are so unique, i really like them a lot! :)

    Costin M.

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  11. También hablas Español ??? Genial... ahora te escribiré en Spanish jejee... estos bolsos los vi mucho en México y me parece una idea estupenda y amigable con el medio ambiente...

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  13. Thank you everyone for your comments :) You are beyond amazing !


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