September 24, 2010

knowing me knowing you

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First of all, big thanks to lovely Theresa for passing me a cute award .
I guess I have to follow this rules :
1. Post who gave you this award. 2. State ten things you like. 3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.
10 things I like a lot right now
1.ART . I simply love being surrounded by art - interior design,fashion,paintings,everything.
2. HURTS - Blood , tears and gold
3.Studying for my CAE exam - isn't it odd that I love learning ?
4.I enjoy blogging quite a lot right now.
5.Chocolate , chocolate, chocolate, chocolate , chocolate
6.Traveling - anywhere, anytime.
7.My bicycle .
8.DIY projects.
9.PARIS , oh, I'll run that city one day.
10.people who follow me and comment my posts , you guys are too kind !
I pass this award to every reader who wants to share his / hers favourite things :)
While you are getting to know me better , I'm off to my grandparent's village for the weekend.
Thank's again a lot for following me and see you soon !


  1. Love learning these things about you!

  2. In ultima vreme am tot auzit de trupa asta si nu m-am gandit niciodata sa incerc sa ascult vreo melodie, pana acum la tine. Mi-a placut f mult, thank you for sharing. A, pai f bine ca nu ai aruncat-o asa am procedat si eu cu o vesta de blugi pe care o am de la 10 ani, that I used to hate si acum o port des.
    Hugs back to you, have a great weekend at your grandparents

  3. nice too meet you! Love this post! :)

  4. Such a pretty blog sweetie! I love Hurts, and Paris, of course :) x

  5. Thank you very much !
    You have really beautiful pictures ;)


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