November 7, 2010

what would my mama do ?

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Remember those times when your parent used to buy clothes for you ?
Well,it still happends to me sometimes. My mother loves finding clothes that are suitable for my style (at least from her point of view) and from time to time all I can say is : "You nailed it !".
This leather jacket is one of the best examples.
PS: Do you still get clothes from your parents ? // Do you like them ?
until next time, love love love


  1. your mom is good at that ! :P the jacket is so cool !
    I don't really let my mom buy me anything haha, maybe socks ;) She's not all that good, so I just say it's a waste of money for her to buy me stuff and that she should spend some on herself instead ^^

  2. aww i widh my mum still bought me clothes!! but alas she doesnt. she thingks i have too much clothes!? eh not possible!! lol :) x

  3. awesome this is so great, and yes my daddy just for christmas though.
    its not even a surprise but he lets me chooses whatever i want eventhough im 27 hahahhah

  4. thanks for dropping by at my blog
    I enjoy your look and pictures - greatt job


  5. Really cool your mum can pick out such great things, like this beautiful jacket! I love the photos by the way.


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