September 1, 2011

ready for fall [ part I ]

Konichi ha and welcome dear fall ! 
I adore this season and right now I am so excited to start devouring my shopping list :) I shall start with bags because they are indispensable items for a school girl, especially the hobo or satchel black bags. Thank's to the faitful I made a selection of black bags and I hope you'll love 'em too !

alexander wangg
[ alexander wang ]

3.1 Phillip Lim
[3.1 phillip lim]

calvin klein
[calvin klein]

jil sander
[jil sander]

...and I couldn't help myself and I must show you some colorful bags to cheer up any school outfit !

reed krakoff
[reed krakoff]

jerome dreyfuss
[jerome dreyfuss]

florian denicourt
[florian denicourt]



So, what's the look you're going for this fall ?
Black,practical and versatile? Or colorful,fun and flashy? 

Yours truly, Julls ♥


  1. These bags really suit my taste. or colorful it doesn't matter, but I love a minimalistic, clean shape. The wang or phillip lim would be perfect for me (if I had the money, of course :P).



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