September 19, 2011

OUTFIT | Life is the sum of all your choices. [Albert Camus]


Decisions, decisions, decisions. This is what I've been dealing with lately.Grr,I hate making decisions!Especially important ones like choosing an university.
Why can't I use my paper-rock-scissors emergency kit?
Seems like I am very decesive when it comes to avoiding decisions.But, until I figure out what I want, I leave you with this short and colorful  outfit post. Oh, and it would be really helpful to tell me how you deal with making important decisions !
Decizii, decizii, decizii. Cu asta mă ocup în ultima vreme.Vai, dar urasc să iau decizii aşa importante precum alegerea unei facultăţi. Nu aş putea să folosesc oare trusa de prim ajutor, cea cu piatră-hârtie-foarfece?
Daaaaar până mă decid ce si cum vă las cu ţinuta asta colorată şi sper să va placă. A şi tare aş aprecia daca mi-aţi zice cum v-aţi decis voi ce facultate veţi urma..
PS: NOTICE A CHANGE ? I have a new haircut lalalalalalala ♥
PS: Vedeţi vreo schimbare, ceva? M-AM TUNS lalalala !


Yours truly, Julls ♥


  1. Mai ai timp cu facultatea :)) zic eu. Lovely outfit, the clutch is great! And I also love the color of your top ;)

  2. love your shoes and hair! I say make some pro and con lists :)) maybe it'll work. or if you can, sign up for more than one university and decide afterwards!

  3. esti intr-a 12-a, nu?
    eu zic sa te gandesti bine,, bine la ceea ce iti place sa faci si sa alegi un domeniu in care sa poti si profesa dupa, sa nu faci facultatea degeaba (stiu ca suna usor in teorie...)
    muuuult suucces!!:*

  4. Si ce-mi place cum te-ai tuns:D
    Eu m-am sucit mult cu facultatea, am depus la mai multe si la final m-am decis...


  5. Wow-I'm crazy about your haircut! So, so cool - you're really working it. LOving the outfit too! Good luck choosing! Kisses:)

  6. Your hair is tres, tres chic. I love it! You can definitely pull off the short hair, girl.
    Also, your shoes are to.die.for.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Thank you everyone for your toughts !
    Cat despre facultate, incep sa-mi indrept atentia spre Publicitate si Decoratiuni interioare. Sa vedem sa vedem ce o sa iasa :))

  8. ah okay! thanks! i will deffo be checking it out! yes, i loved preston davis and his way of thinking, especially the part about the 'envelope of suffering', i found that so interesting! and of course his style was amazing.

    Meena ♥

  9. ps. you look pretty in this :) like your necklace!

    Meena ♥

  10. @ Meena Dhuga : Indeed, that part is truly inspiring. And the one with the "true competition is with yourself" - he is pretty much a genius !

  11. Your hair! Such an awesome cut!! It suits you so well :)
    And the outfit is really cute, i like the color of the shirt and the necklace; in the last picture it's really pretty.
    As for choices, i'm also terrible at it...

  12. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comments!!
    So cute your style, love!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  13. oh thanks for your words!!!!
    Love your blog to! I´m following you yet. Plased follow me back.

  14. Just found your blog. It's really great! I love your style and your hair!

    Following you now!

    x x

  15. OMG ! I want a Union Jack clutch so muchhhhh ! Love yours and the color of your tee is gorgeous.
    You don't have to worry about making a decision, life will make this decision for you.
    You'll see, life has a funny way of putting you on the right track no matter how confuse you might be.
    P.S. You look stunning with your new haircut !

  16. Vai e geniala geanta!! Si imi plac si restul elementelor din tinuta + tunsoarea <3.

    Well, eu stiam din clasa a 8-a ce facultate voi urma, dar nu zic ca a fost cea mai buna decizie :P.


  17. SO darling! Love the colors, LOVE your hair. Following!


  18. Love this color palette! Your necklace is so cool!

    Lindsey Turner

  19. Cunosc prea bine chinuitorul proces al alegerii unei facultati. Mai intai am inceput cu jurnalismul, dupa care eram absolut convinsa ca vreau sa studiez in strainatate,apoi relatii internationale, dupa care am ajuns la decizia finala : limbi straine( coreeana si engleza). De mica mi-au placut limbile straine si cred ca de-a lungul adolescentei am incerca sa nu iau in considerare pasiunea asta (fiind si la profil de mate-info), dar mi-am adunat curajul si am recunoscut ca daca nu fac ceea ce-mi place (limbi straine, adica) nu o sa pot face nimic bine in viitor. Asa ca nu pot decat sa-ti spun ca cel mai bine ar fi sa-ti urmezi inima...
    p.s. sa inteleg ca si tu esti clasa a 12-a?


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