September 24, 2009

Oh boy

Another DIY project (i'll always love DIY stuff).So,I found on a blog this wonderful ideea of this cloth bag : I really (don't) need a Chanel bag ! So,last night I started writing this and wore it at school . It went along with : Shirt - Second hand ,Black Top - New Yorker, Brown shoes,Cross Necklace and Leggings. Confortable and a bit trashy ! 

This is the blogger who inspired me : Weronica,from . Beside the fact she has such a wonderfull style and blog,she also have original DIY ideeas.This is the photo who make me to my own bag ! Thank you Weronica !


  1. nice bag<3
    cum era?

    je t'aime chanel:*

  2. love the shoes and the classic suit.
    Bag is powerful!

  3. I want to make one too now! Great outfit!

  4. awww..another DIY from you!!
    great..I like the idea :D

    will try it one day :)


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