November 27, 2009

goodies and diy

I decided to show you my new goodies and my diy projects of this week.

I was a lucky girl to find this 2 hats.I really wanted a hat like this,especially on black because I was always borrowing dad's brown hat.I needed a girlish one so I was soo happy when I saw this in the window of a SH.And it only was like..2 $.Then,the next day I say the grey on in the exact same shop ! And it was cheeper than the first one..God ! Near that SH I've found the BEST Doc Martens fake boots.I've been looking for them for quite a while and now I've finally found them..and for 10$.I'm going to pick them up tommorow because I had no money in my pocket when I found them.

Yesterday morning my mother surprised me with this confortable jumper.It is really cosy and I like the neck.

Last weekend while I was searching for the perfect present for Nana,I stopped at Meli Melo,an accesories store.They were having sales so I bought this huge bling-bling for only 3 $.Yes,I was extremely lucky !I don't know yet how to wear it,but I'll figure that out.

And yes,my blazer addiction.I'm not over them,yet.I found in the 1 RON box (thats like 1/3 $..) and I love it mostly because it doesn't have a neck..or I don't know how that thing is called.But as you can see it's really simple and nice.

And now,the DIY.

Today,as I was cleaning out my closet..I've found this pijama dress.I've never liked it.So I decided to make a T-shirt out of it.Cut cut cut and..done ! But what should I do with the rest of the fabric? And then,it hit me ! A shawl. I just made sume fringes and ... again,done ! My mom finds it really adorable and she said she is proud of me for having such nice ideas...hmm,ok. 

Close up.

And of course,studded hat.Simple and chic.I like it better now ! 

So,this is all I've done/found this week.I'll make a post about the Doc Martens as soon as I get them.Excited? YES ! 

Well,I'm going back to Gossip Girl (now I have time to chatch up with it) ! A lovely weekend everyone ! 


  1. What a amazing blazer and necklace!
    I love to do diy things :)

  2. ioi doamne!
    iubesc lantu, si sepcile

  3. I love the necklace.


  4. I have a lazer obsession too...haha they are so amazing!
    That studded hat is fabulous. I love it.
    xoxo JR

  5. fab necklace and blazer ! and that shawl is too awesome i must say, hihi .. anyway i need your help on my blog , thanks !

  6. That necklace and blazer is gorgeous!!!

    And you've always so good with your DIY,I really loved how you transformed the lower part of the dress<3

  7. the second hat is beautiful.. amazing pieces..



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