November 18, 2011

NOVEMBER OUTFIT | Secret Love : Salvador Dali


Finally, a special outfit post for you, dear readers.Not only I wore some of my favourite clothes but also I wanted to share with you my indescribable love for Salvador Dali's work & lifestyle. After reading his book, Diary of a Genius last winter, I felt I need to know more about this complex man. Luckly, as my father is a painter, he has all sorts of books and encyclopedies to serve as inspiration when it lacks, so I was more than thrilled when I found the Taschen book.
But enough about this, because I want you to tell me if you like Dali's work or what painter you admire ?

wearing : New look booties, Mondex Sibiu tights, thrifted shorts & shirt, vintage blazer, golden necklace from Oser, the local flea market and Topshop earrings from my bestfriend
Yours truly, Julls ♥


  1. I like Dali! but I really love Monet and Klimt! I absolutely love your blazer!

  2. I like too Dali;)Such a nice outfit...the blazer looks amazing:):)

  3. DUDE. this outfit is so awesome. seriously, everything about it!!! i. want your clothes haha. (:

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  4. love the outfit - u look like a very chic artist

  5. I love how romantic your style is. It's not something I've seen a lot in blogs lately! You are so lovely! Thanks for checkin out my blog! You've gained a new follower! :)

    <3 P

  6. I adore your haircut, making the outfit extra fierce! That vintage blazer is a gem.

  7. love your outfit and those words from dali! :)

  8. These photos are AMAZING!
    I remember when I lived in Budapest a few years ago, they had for the longest time a Salvador Dali exhibition.. but I never went.
    I'm a Van Gogh girl! And I went to his exhibition in London a few years ago

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments !

    @Ash Louise : Oh, I would love to see his work in a museum - I am confident I will someday. However,I was also lucky enough to see a great Van Gogh exhibition at Musee D'Orsay, in Paris, about 4 years ago ♥ Simply stunning !

  10. that's an amazing blazer btw.. cool outfit.. and about Dali, I'm a huge fan as well, I've talked about him to my art students and show them his work but not many people seem to like him.. his art isn't what you'd typically call "pretty" to the eye, but it is intriguing, makes you feel things, makes you see other things.. I like him a lot, he's a genius. Among my other favorites: Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Chagal, Lautrec, Roy Lichtenstein and Warhol.. I'm an illustrator too, would love for you to check out my art and give me an opinion, take care!

  11. I love the whole outfit!
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  12. I love your jacket and I'm a huge fan of Dali's work. He's one of my favorite artists, right beside Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Leonardo da Vinci.

  13. Glad to hear thay you, my readers, have such a great interest in arts, in paiting especially. I will make sure I check all the names you've mentioned in your comments, if they inspire you, I'm sure I'll like them too. Thanks again for your toughts and compliments !

  14. thank you! love this post! Dali does some seriously cool stuff! my favorite though is that adrien brody played him in midnight in paris:)

  15. love your blog, I'm a new follower =)

  16. wow! The blazer is beyond perfection!!!!Once again..amazing :)


  17. @kitsune-kun : I haven't seen the performace but I am going to check it out asap :)
    @dee : Thank you darling, it means a lot :*

  18. love this look <3
    and love your blog dear , so adorable :)


  19. Multumesc, nici eu nu am avut timp, o sa incerc si eu saptamana asta. Te anunt! :)

  20. me encantó tu blog! creo que tiene mucha calidad
    sólo un cosa: no encontré cómo seguirlo
    me encantó tu chaqueta, muy original!

  21. Omg i love the green shirt-dress :))

    thanks for your comment i hope we can follow each other!


  22. Ma bucur de fiecare data cand gasesc cate un comentariu in romana :)
    Citatul e superb si atat de adevarat! Dali este un adevarat geniu.
    Blazer-ul e foarte interesant!

  23. You looked sooo pretty in green!
    I never heard about Dali but wow, he's amazing.
    thanks so much for sharing the post!

  24. Love your look, love Dalì!! great post!

  25. Hola! He encontrado tu blog por casualidad y me encanta! A mi Dalí me gusta no tanto por su arte sino por su originalidad, si no has ido te recomiendo que vayas a su museo en Figueres :D
    Me gustaría seguirte, pero no encuentro donde estan los seguidores... Pero si te apetece passarte por nuestro blog te estaremos agradecida, y si te gusta, siguenos :)
    Regards from

  26. You might not get this but thanks for this post!

  27. Amazing photos! I love your blog.. I'm your newest follower! :-)

  28. Your father is a painter? That is so cool! :D I would love to see some of his works. Yes, I loved Dali the first time I saw his work, I was 13 or something and I was enchanted by the surrealism. Brilliant! Love you outfit ;)
    Cat despre prezentare, nu am auzit nicio Maria Tanase, cred ca ar fi fost discrepanta cam mare intre ea si ceilalti, muzica a fost cam unitara. Oircum , colectia e frumoasa:D

  29. Your jacket is just perfect. It is the right combination of tough and chic.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  30. Fabulous outfit! I love the cut of the blazer against the green shirt!

  31. You look totally amazing juls!! the jacket is very unique ... and I agree with Dali...

  32. You look "fly" :) I love this outfit :) that jacket is such a special piece of clothing! I adore it :) x

  33. I also must say I think your posts follow a great concept :) keep it going lady ;) x

  34. DALIIIIIII!!! loveeee loveee loveeee
    nice blog


  35. I love Dali!:X His work is absolutely amazing!
    I even saw a Salvador Dali exhibition a few years ago in Timisoara and I still can't find words to describe how I felt when I was so close to his work...

    Love the outfit!


  36. amaaaaaazing outfit. love the shirt and blazer so much together!


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