September 29, 2009

Award ^^

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Aww,FIKA from  Sweet escape ( )  gave me this a award.So cute,thank you Fika.It means a lot,especially because here in Romania,there are not so many fashion-blogs and I was inspired to start this blog after 1 year of daily reading other blogs.So,I didn't know if I am good at this,or what should I do to make my blog unique,you know..stuff like this.And this first award means a lot !

So,the rules are : 

The award has some rules, they are: 1. We're not allowed to change the banner of the award, the word, the color, and the signature. But, we can resized it. 2. Tell who gave you  the award.Long live FIKA !

3. Choose 10 female blogger who doensn't received the award yet. and tell the reason why they deserved it. Because I have this blog since July,I don't know if I can pass the award to 10 bloggers,but I'll try.

So,here they are : - she is my best friend and she really deserve the award.  - love this girl,it's my muse ! - love her DIY ideeas. - cute cute cute ! - PURE LOVE ! - LOVE part 2 ! - love her style ! - she's great !  - photos with style - indonesian sweetheart 

So,here they are.Also,anyone who like my blog and wants the award,you can have it ! 

Thnx again a lot,and hugs hugs hugs !


  1. :x
    ce draguut
    apar si euuu
    pt superficialitateee
    love you:*

  2. Awww,girl you're so sweet ! Thanks so much for the award girl :)

  3. thk you very much for this award ^^

  4. well done with the award. you deserve it :]

  5. yuup..agre with deserved this award..that's why i give it to you :)

    you are very kind to me :) :)


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